8 month old Pit Bull puppy Beauty off leash and public obedience with Houston dog training


Little Beauty here has come such a long way these past 3 weeks! She used to pull like crazy, jump, try to steal food, was afraid of the other dogs and other people, and had no impulse control. Now this young pup is a model citizen! She walks like a dream on leash, has a fantastic off leash recall, listens well under distractions, loves the other dogs and is continually gaining confidence with strangers. She’s got great self control now and just loves to listen 🙂 We’re going to miss this sweet little pup!

Duke ,my 10 month old Doberman/Mastiff mix doing more of leash training

I been doing some of leash training with Duke .He is now 10 months old and grew into a pretty big boy .I got him as a 8 week old puppy from the local animal shelter.He is not done growing yet ..Maybe slightly more on height ,but im sure he will fill out all that loose skin he still has.

I been using both german and english spoken commands.Fun …I have to teach my husband how to properly pronounce the german commands ,so he won’t confuse the dog ….Iam german ..easy for me …I also have training session without treats .I don’t always have treats with me when we go out and I want him to obey the commands without treats as well.Whats funny is how much faster he works when he gets treats.Duke turned out to be one great dog .He is so easygoing and not a mean bone in his body.He’s just a big o baby.

Puppy Leash Training: Mr Bingley, King Charles Spaniel (aka English Toy Spaniel)

It is important to keep training positive, fun, and age appropriate as far as length. puppy Bingley is 15 weeks old today and out for his first little leash walk. Bennett, an almost 4 year old English Toy Spaniel, is a great mentor. Walking nicely on a leash will be important as a therapy dog, as well as to be a good companion dog.

Once we leave the area near our house, and increase to an exercise pace and distance, Bing enjoys riding in the stroller where he can safely enjoy all the sights while being exposed to new people and noises.

We happened to be near the school as children were getting out, so the dogs got lots of attn from children of varying ages, as well as adults along our route. Both my dogs love children.

I love how Bingley is curious and learns so quickly, such as drinking from the sport top water bottle.